"I'm not that interested in fashion... When someone says that lime-green is the new black for this season, you just want to tell them to get a life." - Bruce Oldfield

I created this blog to keep me busy with all the things that I love... and because the real editors, fashion compagnies, news agencies don't want to hire me. :)

When I have to explain why I'm that interested in fashion, I always tell the story about the five year old me, the dress and my dad:
Because my dad only worked in the evening and therefore stayed home during the day, he was the one who was responsible for getting my sister and me out of bed, dressed and to school.
My mom was the one who made sure there were clothes that we could wear that day.
And I was the one who wanted to feel pretty every single day.
And so, on no particular morning, I decided I wanted to wear that beautiful flowered dress which had been kept for an upcoming wedding.
My dad was suspicious when I told him mom wanted me to the flowered dress to school, but I could be very convincing.
I felt like a princess that day!
According the stories I heard after, my mom was very angry with my dad.

So you can see that I was born this way:
convincing and fashionable

Someday maybe, I'll tell you about that time I dropped my sock of the jetty because I thought it was to ugly (featuring my dad).

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