December 31, 2015


Part Four

My favourite outfits.
(Did I make a good choice?)


A quick post between the courses. 

2015 was a great year. You could see Taylor Swift popping up everywhere, transgenders could rely on much more respect, I moved to England and Iceland and Balmain did a collaboration what made my life just that more perfect (and that of other fashionistas with a tight budget).

I hope your year was just as good as mine and I wish you even a better year starting from tomorrow!
Make sure that every day you do something you haven't done before and say one kind thing to a person and then, you will have a happy, great, adventurous and loving 2016! 

And for all people who are lonely tonight: open an extra bottle, think of all the great things you have (if that doesn't go well: think off al the awful things you don't have) and remember that it is just New Year's Eve... A normal day as another, but with a licence to drink 'till you start seeing things! 
So climb on the table, put the radio on and dance like you life depends on it.
Have a great night!


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