December 30, 2015


Part Three

Moments that made me say Unk?! or Wow!

1. Zoolander IS BACK
During Paris Fashion Week , the only thing people could talk about was the Valentino Fall 2015 show. Not because the perfect clothes and the craftsmanship Valentino presents each season, but because some men called Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson crashed runway to announce the Zoolander sequel, Zoolander 2.
The fashion parody film will hit the theaters in February, so it is only a few weeks before we can see not only Justin Bieber, but also Naomi Campbell and Karlie Kloss (according to the rumours) in a top comedy movie.

2. Introducing Caitlyn Jenner
Most women dream of being on a cover of a magazine but this year a very particular group of women wanted a covershoot. "Call me Caitlyn" was not only a monumental moment for transgender rights but it also sparked that same group with some 'outrage'. While the beautiful Caitlyn Jenner was showing her body, people were thinking out loud why only a celebrity could receive some appreciation. But still... I'm happy the subject is open now.

3. Two for one
Rick Owens wanted to encourage woman to support one another —although maybe not as literally in real life as was demonstrated on the runway. Good point, let's do that!

4. Quitting Cara
We already knew that Cara Delevingne, little sister of Poppy Delevingne, actually wanted to act. But because her actin career didn't set off, she started as a model.
This year she had a breakthrough with her movie Paper Towns, so she waved her agency Storm Models goodbye and started really focusing on her acting career. With succes: earlier this year, she also won her first honour for acting, the Rising Star.

5. Rihanna for the win
The internet can be a very creative place. Photoshop is a very popular tool to make parody photos when something appears on the world wide web. No wonder that the internet explode when Rihanna made a grand entrance wearing a golden gown at the Met Gala 2015. Although the gown was from the Chinese couturier Guo Pie and it took two years to make, it didn't stop people to have a good laugh with it.
But in her defence: she was the only one who properly respected the theme for the gala 'Chinese Whispers: Tales of the East in Art, Film and Fashion' so she won fair and square.
Very cool of you Riri.

6. Depp did it
Normally her dad goes walking with the attention but this year, beautiful Lily Rose Depp made the heads turn. After making her debuut in the front row of the Chanel Paris-Salzburg show, Karl Lagerfeld crowned her his new teenage muse in her first-ever fashion campaign as the face of Chanel Eyewear.

7. Kanye
Critics weren't fond of his two collections, who were looking exactly the same to me, but the crowd felt for it, and hard. The both collections Yeezey Season 1 and Yeezey Season 2 - cool names- ended up selling out in a day.

8. Balmain Madness
Another collection that was sold out in no time: Balmain x HM. I have to confess that I was part of the hysteria. Oh well, I woke up at eleven o'clock, realised that it was the HMBalmaination-day and still ended up with my two favourite pieces.

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