December 28, 2015


Part One

Eight fashion items you saw everywhere.

1. Bomber Jackets
2. Ring Collections
3. Loafers
4. Minimalistic Jewellery
5. Childhood Footwear
6. Sport Clothing
7. Layers
8. White Sneakers

This year was apparently all about comfort.
Nothing wrong with that *saying that while laying in bed*
... Sweatpants working overtime, extra room for the body with some extra large clothing, normcore that dominated the streetscape and people were even too lazy to take of their trainers after a work-out.

I'm not a trend follower, most of the time the trend is over when I start to appreciate it. 
But this time, it was my calling. Putting no thought behind our clothes, I can do that!
I always liked the tomboy look, with a feminine twist of course.
Even when I was little I liked to play the princess, without a prince but a bad ass surviving attitude. If Brave had already been released, it would had been my favourite movie as a child. No worries, I still had Yasmine. She wore trousers. I liked that.

Tomboy is not exactly the same as Normcore but it comes pretty close, no?

After all,
this year, we were just really busy with trying to convince people that we weren't trying.

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