November 25, 2015



I'm writing this blog post while watching Paper Towns and The Perks of Being a Wallflower.
I'm the watch-multiple-movies-a-night kind of girl. And I probably will watch another movie after I finish this.
It has been a good night. It has been two good movies.
Probably very bad grammar, but is reads more poetical this way.
You understand.

Rarely have seen such good movies in a row. I started with The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I always wanted to watch it and I always remembered that I wanted to watch it, on a time there was no chance that I could watch it.
You probably understand that too.

And to stay in the mood of the mystery, arty movies (you know, the movie that is two hours long but you can explain the plot in one single sentence), I decided to click over to Paper Towns.
I had seen the trailer rolling up my Facebook feed when it came out and I was really curious in the time.
You always have to stay in the same genre if you're doing the two-movies-in-a-row. Otherwise your movie evening is completely out of balance and the universe will explode. Or at least your head. Trust me, brains don't like to much chance, especially in one single night.
 I'm just looking after you.
I hope that every one of you have a quiet and peaceful night.
Or just peaceful, that is fine too (I'm talking to you, students)

I was actually planning to talk about blog photos, my photography lessons and the fact that I want to chance the monotonous landscape of fashion photography, but I will leave that for next time. 


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