November 15, 2015




Here a quick post about another capsule of Komono. My favourite accessories brand, like watches and sunglasses, often works together with a influential and international artists. This time they asked 'help' from the composer/actor Baloji. 

Baloji created the sunglasses like he creates his music: he read classic pieces and translate them in new, modern, unique designs.

The oversized frame of the sunglasses is inspired by 80s hip-hop styling and especially by the glasses worn by Baudouin I, our Belgian king, nicknamed “Mwana Kitoko”, meaning ‘beautiful white man’, or ‘handsome young man’.
The colonisation of Africa by the Belgians had then at least one positive effect: inspiration for a beautiful pair of glasses.

This frame is a dedication to a band member and role model of Baloji. Pierre Mandjeku “Dizzy” is a legendary Congolese guitarist and, according to Baloji, the most elegant musician ever.

Tshala was a pioneer in an era where most women in music were little more than arm candy or dancers. So it is a feminist pair of sunglasses. Perfect.

This cat-eye shape is a tribute to the almond-shaped eyes of the designer's mother.
He recognized her amidst the crowds in Lubumbashi market when they met for the first time after 25 years.
Who needs a regular pair of sunglasses when you get one with a beautiful story behind it?

The capsule was launched with Baloji’s new record “64bits & Malachite”.
Prices between €180 and €200

Source: Komono


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