August 01, 2015



Any boy or girl their love for fashion started with just looking at it.
The second step is paying attention to what they wear. And after that, it's most of the time the shopping part.

See here: the combination of the three first steps that leads to an addiction. 
And because my love for fashion went a bit further, I'm bothering you with it.

Last night I was watching an episode of 'Kunstuur', a Dutch program from Holland that each week updates the audience about visual arts presented by Lucas De Man.
My dad taped it for me because this episode was about Amsterdam Fashion Week. Not my type of  program, but the good thing was that I discovered Avelon.

Avelon is an affordable designer brand that designs raw edgy but clean clothing and shoes. The aim of the brand is to be special & limited without being ”exclusive”.
The designs look sober,  but all the same I bumped them up to my 'favourite brand'-list. The attention they paid to details and their craftsmanship makes them better then any other brand. Except Alexander Wang, no one beats Alexander Wang.

I hope I'll ever meet the creator of the brand. I think he'll be a very designer to watch. ... That was the reason why sometimes I want to be a fly. Just to observe such talented people.
Because I love everything where Avelon stands for. Their philosophy closely leans to the things where I stand for.
Uniqueness, reality, subtlety.
Erik Frenken, Avelon head designer, did certainly a splendid job!
But check it out yourself and decide, you'll see that I'm right.



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