June 22, 2015



If I ever have to give up my clothes *knock on wood* the only thing that would comfort me is design. Visiting a designer shop is like a visit to an art gallery: equally satisfying and you probably won't leave with a purchase.
A designer piece can turn a house into a home. It is complex without being complex, sleek without being cold and clean without being dull.

Anecdote: a few years ago my mom and dad gave me a pair of scissors of the interior label Hay as a souvenir.
After that, it is my favourite designer brand. It is affordable, young and very fresh.
Since the 2013 London Design Festival, the London-based designer Sebastian Wrong and the Danish brand have put their heads together and made a fantastic collection of homeware and furniture. Not the biggest fan of the recent mirrors and tables (I like sharp edges) but al the other pieces are just my thing. What began as a capsule collection has now  grown into a full-fledged second line led by Wrong. As a citizen of the capital of England, he transmit the atmosphere of his city in the collection.
Wrong for Hay collaborates often with designers and artists from different sectors such as Bernard Willhelm, Richard Woods, Jody Barton en Nathalie Du Pasquier.

But Wrong for Hay isn't just a  London version of the Danish brand. Wrong didn't feel bound by the Danish design culture and he has the freedom to colour outside the lines. The result is an eclectic collection, which fit into a Scandinavian design.

When Filiep and I were in Bath the other day we bumped into a nice interior shop were they sold the product of Hay. In a Georgian building, previously a bank, in Milsom Street - at the heart of designer shopping area, the Milsom Quarter made my heart skip a beat. First I didn't realize but after picking up a few things (I always have to touch everything) I started to feel like it was Hay-material. It is a bit like an Alexander Wang for me: I recognize it everywhere.  

Store in Belgium: Click here
Twitter: @WrongForHay


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