May 21, 2015



First of all: say hello to my eye bags, wrinkles and pores :)

Today I am going to explain why I love the Catrice Cosmetics "Lashes to kill" waterproof volume mascara, and why you shouldn't.

When it comes to mascara, and especially an every day mascara, I want a subtle look. So subtle that people would think that I just have long and dark lashes myself.
I don't want big Bambi eyes every day. I preserve that for a special occasion. 
I tried a lot of cr*py mascaras. But this one I have for years now. I always repurchase it and I'm not even thinking of buying something else.
But, that doesn't mean it is a good mascara...

I was surprised to see that it was a volume mascara when I looked at the name to make this post.
I never buy a volume mascara, I am a lengthening girl.
I probably bought this one because of the waterproof label. I cry all the time so I need it (kidding!)

When you look at my lashes the first thing you will notice is the fact that you are still living: you weren't blown away because of the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious effect of the mascara on my lashes.
There is no extra volume and barely any extra length. It just gave you lashes a deep black colour.
You can write just as well 'Volume mascara' on a black marker.
False advertising!
Don't buy it when you really want volume in your lashes that can kill people.
But it is the only mascara that I know that don't make the lashes stick together. Every time I see a review on Youtube or a blog, where people say that a mascara is super good and their lashes became just five thick lashes because of the mascara, I'm thinking: 'NOOO, that is not good?!'
This Catrice mascara doesn't create that problem, even when you try.
And that is why I love my four euros mascara!



Anonymous said...

Haha, I actually laughed reading the 5 big lashes part :p

Anonymous said...

Fantastic & Gorgeous!