May 07, 2015


How do they do that?

When I browse through Vogue or Harper's Bazaar, I'm always thinking: how do they get such artistic photo's without looking weird? 
For one thing: it is a magazine with major influence. You like it because, you know, you have to like it. Those editors now what they are doing, you can't argue with that.
- I  don't like the Dutch Vogue, though -
An other reason will probably be, that they have like, a whole team to take that one picture. Unlike me, who just has one boyfriend to takes pictures of a not so artistic/modelly (made that word up)/patient girl. So me.
- One boyfriend is more than enough by the way, have my hands full with him -
My last conclusion is that is to awkward to take 'more artistic' pictures if you just have a fashion blog. I respect people who had their blog for years. I have mine for two years maybe, and I'm out of poses. Now, I literally have to look for poses on the internet and then, recreate those in ten minutes because I don't like it to be longer in front of a camera then that amount of time.
And that is why Filiep has probably the hardest, forced (by me) hobby in the world.
Just ten minutes to have at least, five good pictures while I jiggle and bounce around.
And that, without going mad or having the tendency to nail me to the ground.
I couldn't do it.


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