May 04, 2015


I'm in the middle of a learning process. Getting things done with Photoshop isn't an easy task (I will take this moment to express my respect to all those cool people that make cool videos on YouTube where they draw a picture that looks sooo realistic, I have no idea what they're doing except that they are doing a good job). 
I tried it on my own. Didn't work. I tried it with my old school textbook. Didn't work either.
So last option: getting help.
Worked a little bit... (they were worse!)

I asked my 'teacher', slash the parent of a friend, if he followed classes or something to learn about all this pants. He said he just practiced and fiddled until he had mastered the program. So this is what I'm doing here. messing around until I'm Photoshop Queen, or at least not a Newbie anymore.
(By the way: I didn't type the quotation marks because he was bad, he's just not a professional teacher)


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