April 29, 2015




Extra large, see thru, simple.
Three elements that I like to see in my wardrobe. Acne Studios understands me and that is why I follow the brand so intensely.
Silk, satin, wool, viscose and leather (for the bags) are the main fabrics that the brand uses. It makes the clothes light as a feather and soft as a baby's bottom. 

Acne is a bit pricey for students, but fortunately the brand can change that, at least for 48 hours.
Add to calendar: sixth of May at 10 o'clock:
The digital pop-up store of the Swedish brand opens his virtual doors, and it stays open for 48 hours straight. Up to 75 percent off on pieces from previous collections and when I see the little preview that Elle.be gave, it is really worth your time.
Let the shopping begin!


Source: www.elle.be

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