April 27, 2015



Welcome to a selection of  overexposed pictures!
Don't they look great?

When I started with this little blog, I always thought that the sun was my best friend when I needed to get my picture taken. Apparently she is just another frenemy...
I saw other bloggers and I noticed that every picture was so sunny, even from bloggers who live in Belgium. How the hell do they do that? Do they check, like every five minutes the weather report? Are they just lucky? Or do the weather gods owe them something?
No, it has a very different name: Photoshop (or Lightroom, whatever they prefer)

I really have to learn to work with the bloody thing...


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

actually I realy like the surexposition on these pictures. They came out beautiful! Btw, you look absolutely georgeous in this outfit. I woudn't dare to wear the skirt, but you pull it off so damn well. Keep up the good work ;)