February 07, 2015


Ha, finally contact! 
After one month in England, with a lot of to unpack and no internet (driving me mad!) I'm so happy to speak to you, guys, the three readers that I have :)

I would say that people underestimate internet, but everyone knows that is not true. 
My first post is a simple outfit with one of my favourite shirts that I have for a long time. 
The watch, I got from Filiep for my Christmas and that is something that I wanted for a long time :) 

SO what have I been doing in the meanwhile?

I'm now proud to say that I'm a volunteer at St Margaret's Hospice. A second hand clothing shop that collects money for cancer research. Great place to work but it doesn't help to reduce my shopping. On the contrary, every evening I leave, I leave with something new. Well, if I say new... 

I hope you all had a lovely first month this year and speak to you tomorrow! Yes indeed, no more gabs of complete silence on this blog :)

Greetings from England


Anonymous said...

I miss you soooo bad!!
But i really love your shoes..
They look like Dr Martens :)

Lots of love from Belgium!

Celine said...

Haha, that "speak to you tomrrow" failed a bit apparently ;p

But, nonetheless, great to finally hear from you again! :)