November 03, 2014


A quick post about my favourite perfume! 

I'm not that addicted to perfume because I have a sort of trauma because of it. When I was younger and I had to use the bus a lot, I really got carsick (or bussick? You know what I mean) on them. Every time that I  went on a bus I needed to concentrate to not vomit and ninety percent of the time I made to home. But when I had to call my mom to pick me up, because I had to leave the but for fresh air, I can assure you, it was because some girl suddenly decided that her perfume needed a touch up.

In general: when you walk by a person, male or female, and he/she drags a whole trail of perfume after him/her, you do immediately think that perfume isn't a deodorant? Or is it just me? You don't keep spraying, just to pumps and that's it!
Personally, I have a weird technique but I always spay in the air above me so it is more like a body mist and that way it is very subtle. But honestly, 95 percent of the time I even forget put on some perfume, because I have already so much to do in the morning! Shower, make-up, hair, breakfast (or otherwise you're 'unhealthy') and that I can easily forget that little action.

Another reason is because I think that a lot of perfumes are to heavy for me (do you say that in English?). That's way I choose this one almost five years ago and I'm still sticking to it. This perfume is the perfect perfume for girls who prefer actually a sweet body mist, but think that they're actually old enough for a decent perfume.



Celine said...

If you find a certain perfume too heavy you can maybe try the eau de toilette and some perfumes have their own bodylotion. They spraed a more subtle sent aswell :)

Anke De Schuyter said...

Yes, you're right! An eau de toilette is a good alternative for me indeed but a body lotion not so much. I'm to lazy for it, I'm the worst in moisterizing my skin! :)