November 24, 2014



I think that fifty percent of the couples that goes to Ikea for some new furniture, leaves the shop with wrangle. Me and Filiep is the unlucky fifty percent. I mad, he... I don't know what he was, but it wasn't good. 

Filiep is that kind of guy that just buy stuff. Don't hesitate, don't think about it, just buy it. When he likes something, it is just pack and go. 
Me, I'm more the overthink person and that can create problems when we're deciding about important stuff.  

This was our second try to not kill each other - aka go to the Ikea store - and this time it went really well I think. Maybe because I did the most of the concessions. There are just things, you can't change about boys. If they don't like shopping, don't drag them to a shop where 300 parkingspots are far too little.
We picked out a few thinks for our new apartment, but the most important decision we made today is thatI'll go back with my mom. It is better for our health and mental state, I think. :)


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