November 28, 2014


Belgium is quietly turning in a winter fairytale for the holidays: Christmas markets, ice skating rinks and Christmas lights. But my best friend and I especially think of the gluhwein. For people who don't know what that is: it is hot red wine with cinnamon, cloves, star anise and citrus peels, and sweetened with sugar or honey.

We made a tradition of going to the Christmas market and drink gluhwein to warm us up. This tradition comes from the time we were on boarding school together.
Sad about the fact that we maybe can't do it next year, we make it into a double date with a visit to the ice sculpture festival, a tour in the Ferris weel and a stop by Pizzahut :)
It was so much fun and I hoop we can do it every year, so it will turn into a tradition that our kids (if I ever have any) will take over.

Besides, it was a good opportunity to show my early-Christmas present.
(What do you think about my real fur coat?)


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Anonymous said...

I really really love your coat! It's soooo furry and soft!
Lots of love & support (: