November 01, 2014


It was a last minute decision to go to the Countryside+ expo. I was still snug in my bed when my dad waked me up with the question if I wanted the go... Hell yes! Because I'll soon be moving I need a lot of stuff. This was the perfect opportunity! 

But it turned out to be a disappointment. Not because there was no nice material or furniture, it was just to expensive for a little student like me with no income. They can say what they want, but I think that four hundred euros for one chair isn't intended for everyone's wallet. The price wasn't for my eyes but boy, did my eyes popped out when I saw the designs and settings! It was just so beautiful. The whole atmosphere was - here's a surprise - countryside, but when you're a citygirl like me, you'll evenly enjoy it. Especially because vintage furniture is very hip right now.

Unfortunately I couldn't take pictures... well, legally (A girl has to break the rules sometimes).
You can see the expo as a exclusive furniture store meets IKEA meets an antique boutique meets market meets bazaar. You can buy second-hand furniture but also homeware stuff. You can purchase your whole living room. You can buy spices, wine, cheese and meat plus tasting it first. If you interested in fashion you can stop by in hall five and be amazed about all the fur, wool, leather and silk...

Yes indeed, you're reading it correct! I think a few years ago it would not catch the eyes of a fashionista but because all these fabrics are in fashion, a lot of things would do good in, let's say, Mango or Zara! I search for examples but a lot of these stores don't spent much time in their site. When I found some, I'll post some photo's :)

I think this expo is a great idea when you're moving or intend to cozy-up your house a bit. I'll definitely return next year with a bag full of cash and a tendency to find more than just furniture. It will be a tendency to find stuff to make a house, a home.

 from 30 okt to 2 nov 2014 (tomorrow is your last chance!)
Buy tickets here!

Have fun!


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