October 31, 2014


Tonight it is Halloween! One of my favourite evenings in the year! Unfortunately I never, ever went trick or treading because in Belgium it isn't that special this evening. The only people who noticing the most this evening is a little different than all the others, are the students - because the parties are themed -
 But that doesn't stop me to help you for making a perfect evening out of Halloween.
The origin of Halloween, derived from Hallow-e'en or All Hallows Eve, lays by the Celts that celebrated New Years Eve on the 31th October - happy Old New Years Eve everybody, now we're on it -.
The Celts believed that on the first of November, ghosts of people who had died that year, would return to take possession of the living. And for scaring off the bad ghosts they wore masks.
Here are a little tips to scare people off or just to be the star of the evening :)

- Tasty Halloween Dessert -

An old well-known recipe for Halloween: The candy apple! It is my all time favourite treat when I'm visiting a fair - along with cotton candy - and when it is time to shiver!
 Tip: check out the youtube-channel from Rosanna Pansino for more Halloween sweet treats-inspiration! I like her ideas and she makes awesome foodies :)
-Click on the photo for a tutorial-

- Best Halloween Celebrities Costumes -

(source: Elle.com)

THese are my little BCAs (Best Costume Awards)
The award for Most Original Costume is for Roberto Cavalli who's dressed up like Karl Lagerfeld in 2007,
First place for Best Elaborate Costume is for Iggy Azalea as Cruella Deville last year
Most Historic Correct Costume is from Alexa Chung in 2008 as Marie Antoinette after the deheadding!


- A last-minute outfit for you - 

 This Flashdance outfit is a great and easy outfit that is ready in, what, like five minutes? You probably have the clothes already in your closet for this look.The best part is that you don't will be inferior to the 'sexy kitten' or 'hot bunny' that every girl will wear. (Male) heads will turn when you walk in the room but you'll still be original and classy.
All you need for this minim outfit is a cut-out shirt - easy self-made -, a pair of pumps, a bathing suit and a perm - or a curling iron and lots and lots of hairspray - and you're done! I recommend also a pair of nude tights because it can already be really chilly outside this time of year.

- Macabre Halloween Make-up -

The broken doll look is my look when I ever go trick or treading. I think it is for a girl a very scary yet sophisticated look. I'm not a pussy but I am very scared of dolls - like many people -. Ow, and clowns, but that's all. And darkness. And old people who're talking to themselves. And spiders. But I'm really not a coward!
-Click on the photo for a tutorial-

- Movie to watch -

I watched this movie Wednesday in the theatre with Filiep and I absolutely loved it :) It isn't that scary but it has a good Halloween atmosphere.
I'm lately fond of the drama, thriller and action movies and this is all in one. I liked it especially because I couldn't guess the end. Like everyone I try to find out how a movie will end and I have to say, I'm not that good in it, but this I really didn't expect. And I like a surprise in a film now and then.

- Classy Halloween Nailart - 

If you google Halloween nailart, you'll find a lot of stuff but I think that the most pretty nailart is actually quite simple and this one is actually achievable without any experience. You can go for figures but I think that this is more suitable for work. If it is still to heavy you can always go for a one-nail nailart, the rest can you leave black.
Good Luck!
-Click on the photo for a tutorial-

Happy Halloween!


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