October 27, 2014




Today, I spend 75% of my day with drooling on my keyboard. Yes, you can guess it, I did some online Windows-shopping - see what I did there? ;p -
I have to say: Topshop is one of my favourite online stores for the moment and I am jealous on the people who are saying on this moment 'Topshop has also real stores'. Well, Belgium not...

I think we are living in the Stone Age when it comes to clothes and high street fashion. We have only one Primark in... - can you believe it - Liège. Maybe soon, one in Ghent, but these are rumours - or hope from fashionistas with no money - that I don't know if it's true.

But I'm getting away from the point. Topshop. Because you can only buy a selected part from the Topshop collection in Ra in Antwerp and Hunting & Collecting in the Brussels Kartuizerstraat, Belgian fashionlovers depend on the webshop.
I love the fact that Topshop is following the trends, even the ridiculous ones, without making it to much and unwearable. You find clothes with that little something more, and that makes fashion more accessible for the faint hearted among the high street fans.
I hope you like my little selection out the new arrivals and I invite you to take a look for yourself!

Celine, you don't have to look because I already bought you something ;) Happy Birthday girl! 


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