October 25, 2014


Yesterday I found my perfect autumn lip colour. I was always a fan of YSL lipstick but this one blows my mind. I'm not the girl that only wants to use high end make-up, certainly not, but I think the texture of this one I never experienced in a highstreet product.
I think you need to look in the hightstreet for lipstick that stays on, even when you're eating - that is my opinion -.
When I buy a lipstick from, for example, Essence - one of my favourite highstreet brands - it will dry almost immediately. They are uncomfortable to wear because dryness but they almost stay a complete day. You can even lick your lips without ruining your lip-look.

But when you want more kissable and moist lips, I recommend a more expensive one. They last long but because they stay humid, you can't eat without having lipstick-free lips at the end of the meal. A positive thing that impressed me: I tested this wonderful lipstick with the aid of a pre-dinner drink and there was no smudge on my glass! *pause for reaction*

This YSL lipstick is like butter on the lips an have a sweet and mild smell. It condition and soften the lips whereby you don't 'suffer' from dry lips even when you remove your make-up not that soft handed.
When you apply you notice an extreme comfort an luminous shine. I even thought I forgot a part of my lips when I used it, because it catch so much light it make my lips on some places rose.
It stays put surprisingly long despite the balm-like texture.
A must have for the winter!
But a quick tip: when you have a light skin tone, blond hair and light eyes I would stay away from the purple an brown lipstick colours. Go for an old rose colour and thereby an fresh, youthful and nude look.

- lipstick -
Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Shine - n°2 Pourpre Intouchable


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