October 04, 2014



Here, I'm showing you one of the must-have accessory this season. The large belt is necessary to make the look more feminine this autumn. Let's be honest, my look is already feminine but a belt is a way to make the plaid, for example, more sophisticated. 
Because the Burberry plaid is just a blanket when you don't style it up. Or in better words: when you worship you waist, you'll need this wide belt because the comfy knitwear, oversized coats and men's shirts will be all over the place.

A trend of this autumn that I don't understand is the backpack. I think there is no way the make that sort of thing fashionable. It is like leggings (the awful ones in that very light fabric and awful colours) and leg warmers. I don't understand that someone thought: 'Hmmm... I have to try that, I might be cool'. And I certainly don't understand that whole schools thought it too!

Oh well, men's history is full of mistakes... I can forgive :)
Other than the unfortunate backsack incident, I'm looking forward to the autumn and winter. A lot of stuff is very exciting to wear! Long gloves, bags with fringes, the monoring... a bit of some there comfort zones but I will encourage this! A lot of blogposts are coming up about this fascinating things!

So talk to you later beauties :)

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