October 06, 2014


I wear this outfit a lot and I thought it was time to show it to you, guys! I also took this opportunity to show you my new shoes as well! I hope you like them :)

When I look at my pictures I always thinking 'demm, my hair looks like crap'. I really need to dye my hair again. I told you already that I had an  unfortunate incident with a bleaching product, but honestly, my hair doesn't seem that bad in real life - I hope so -. Otherwise I would dye it a long time ago! It can also be the problem of procrastination *innocent face*

It isn't a secret for my friends and family that I hate my thin hair and when I read an article, I think it was Vogue, about how amazing it is to have thin hair my only thought was 'phu'.
I really don't like put a lot of effort in my hair because after ten minutes it already flat and unmanageable again. 
Because thin hair isn't a present. You have to use lots and lots of product to make it presentable and it still don't make a difference! The only difference that you can notice is that you have dirty hair after one day.
But I'm not all cynical. I saw this hairdresser - also in a Vogue article, I think -  I'm going to try next time!
Exciting about that!
Maybe it will be a new blogpost?


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Felicity // Pursuit of Felicity said...

Your hair looks great hun - don't be silly haha! Love this outfit as well. :)