October 26, 2014


Drama is all over the place for the moment. If I didn't know any better, I would think I was landed in a The bold and the beautiful-episode, or in a more academic version: an old Greek play were murder, revenge, disloyalty and passion is all over the place! Don't worry, there was no killing here - or not yet, I have some really bad days - but dying was present. Not literally of course, but in the well-known form of stress and dislike.

Everyone around me - and myself - have some troubles or issues. What's worrying me the most, is that it gets to me. I didn't remember that I was such a poseur. In the past I wouldn't care about people telling me there was a lot of work to do, now I'm telling that to myself and every 
time I freaks me out!
Do you think often of how it used to be?
I think we may never loose the child in ourself and once and a while we have to let him out because we are spending to much time to trying to be adults.


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