October 14, 2014


Hello beauties!

First of all an apologize from me to the most talented and gorgeous people in this universe - hint: you guys - because I wrote so little the last couple of days. I think I still underestimate the time that I need to make a good blogpost! But I'll make it up to you, I promise.
If you now look at my latest post you'll see that there is no text, but I will re-do it so I can tell you all about the weekend of the eleventh of October.

Today I went with Filiep to a trendy dining bar. It was a while ago that we went out for lunch and because we are both fond of food we decided to try out Pure Daphné.
Another tip from Anke: check the opening hours before you set your mind on something and don't assume that it is open 7/7
After processing the disappointment and a quick view in a free city guide, we choose to have a taste of the Grand Café Godot

First reaction when we walked in: "I think we are underdressed". The - I want to say restaurant - was very chic and fashionable. Immediately though we were stranded on the right location.
The place breathes youth with the quick design and fancy lights and settings. And because the waiters and waitresses are all students - or ate least 90 percent of them - you are in a welcoming and happy environment. 
As aperitif I can recommend you the Kirr. Rarely tasted such a good one!

Very smooth service, no complains at all. I ordered XL ravioli with spinach and ricotta-cheese. As topping there was tomato sauce, Parmesan and basil. Great combo and don't be disappointed when you only get five pieces: you shall be filled. The taste isn't that sharp and if you expecting a a variety of flavors, you have to order something else. But as a big pasta addict, I really enjoyed my meal! The only think that I wasn't loving was the fly that was irritating me. 

Grand Café Godot is a great restaurant-bar for a quick bite or take a friend to. And if you disere for more you can stay and enjoy the bar until one a.m.


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