October 05, 2014


Like I told: I want to show you the it-things for this coming season. One of these things are a bag with fringes. I took it to the next level and combined this trend with another: a crossbody bag with fringes! Wearing a bag, whether it is a small or a big one, around your body is really trendy right now!Plus, it is very comfy! You can shop, for example, and having free hands to take a the stuff you need from the clothing racks :)

Because I don't have a driving licence yet, I spent a
lot of time on my bike. And when I am on my bike I want to stay on it. So in stead of bungling and have the 'stupid-bag-stay-on-my-shoulder-moment', I go for the easy solution: wear it across my body.
Untill this moment I was always thinking that, that would like very unfashionable, but now I can reassure myself that I don't look like an complete idiot :)
I think that this fashion trend also is very good for those students who always go to school by bike.
What do you think? :)


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