October 22, 2014



I think that everyone remembers that day that they asked themselves why they even bothered to crawl out of bed. Well, that day, that everyone sometimes experiences, was my week. If I had known that everything this week would go wrong, I would have started with an early hibernation.
If you were searching for a happy post, I have to disappoint you. If I was you, I would stop reading and just look at the pretty, well sort of, pictures and than move along.

Once upon a time there was a naive girl that thought she had al the time in the world. That girl had the name Anke. One day she arrived in Ambly with the thought that she could do everyday a blogpost. NOT!
Instead of doing what she had to do she waisted her time on other, also important, things what resulted in two short blogger moments instead of four. She had to remember that she have to take her blog serious and that sometimes she had to put her work first.

Not cool-moment n°1

but no worries she thought, because there was an excited moment in prospect!
Film Fest Gent started and this would cheer the girl up. New experiences were always welcome and this would make the only-a-few-posts-week to a higher level. NOT!
She lost her phone and started to have the 'bruce almighty'-feeling...
- The only one around here not doing his job is You! -

Not cool-moment n°2

Luckily, the had a wonderfull boyfriend that always helped her and he suggested that she always go with him on a trip. She could relax and really focussing on her work.
With an internet stick and a phone with access to the world wide web she went to Germany for a long weekend.
But misfortunes never come singly. You can already guess: neither the stick or the phone worked. 
Haaaa... you can already see her in a corner... pulling out her hair.

Not cool-moment n°3

But people, it is okay to have a rough day or week. And it is definitely okay to be in a bad mood. Personally, I think it is good to be sorry for yourself from time to time, as long as you remember to smile and believe it soon will be over. Let things go and it will be a lot easier to live.

And that did the girl: she thought that being mad nothing would change in the situation, so she let it go, picked up a good book and had a good non-work week

See you tomorrow for a real fashion post and new outfit-of-today!


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