October 09, 2014


When it comes to clothes, you can really influence me. Not when it is about style but when it is about the finishing touch. I'm probably confusing a few people, so an example to make myself clear: someone once told me that she hated it (I don't even know if it was a friend or someone else) as the outer seam of the trousers crept forward. Since then I always make sure my pants are worn correct and everything is in place (at least one of you looked at their trousers).

This also happened with my obsession about black clothes. A friend of mine was during a shopping day looking for a pair of black trousers. He told me that he hated it when black trousers are worn off. And everytime he noticed that his black was just a shade lighter than normal, he needed another a new pair. 
And yes, he pulled to the dark side :) But don't worry about me, it is the good dark side (if that make sense), where trousers are really black and not a sort of hideous grey. 

The trousers of this post were worn off and I had them already written of. They were ready for a journey to the rubbish-bin, until I came up with the idea to give them intentionally the 'worn off'- look. In that case I don't mind that they don't look black anymore. (Yes, I know, I'm a little bit weird.)
So I did a little DIY and cut some holes in the trousers. It wasn't done that neatly, but I don't think that's necessary with a ripped out jeans. Only problem: you don't see the actually holes in my jeans when I stand up straight.
little tip: wikihow it before you pick up your scissors :)

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