September 28, 2014


To be honest: I have mixed feelings about this post. On one hand: I like the outfit because he is so wearable and I love the dark lipstick! On the other hand I feel like I look a little bit sloppy.

Maybe you hadn't notice (if so: don't go looking now!) but my gel nails were so much grown out! I hadn't had the time to go back to the girl who placed them so now was is almost three months (!) that I had them. On the plus side: They are very strong and so good! But don't worry, I'm not sloppy any more because as we speak I have already new one.
And maybe you also hadn't notice that my hair is quite light (again: don't look). In the beginning of the summer I used a lighting product on my hair called 'Casting Sunkiss Jelly' from L'oreal. I had watched an info tutorial and it says that after three times your hair will be in your summer colour. Being a dare devil, I thought it couldn't hurt to use is more but after the fourth or fifth time I was suddenly a ginger! Apparently I have a orange undertone in my hair?! Don't get me wrong, it is a very nice and good product! You may only not be too excited with it and always follow the instructions if you try something new.

But beside this mistakes I think this post isn't that bad. Besides: it is about the outfit, that I pretty like. I bought this sleeveless faux fur jacket (nice term for saying it fake) in Forever21 when I was in Antwerp with my best friend. Everyone has one these days and now I have one too! I'm part of the cool kids! ... Kind of... 
And another trend you can see in this post is the dark lip! I find it stunning (in general I mean) and I think that a lot of people could rock this kind of lip. I created it by accident that but now I know it was God that pointed me in the right direction. I had already a dark red on my lips when I was sniffing through some old make-up and I found a very dark brown from Essence called 'Sparkling Illusion'. It was one of my first ever bought lipsticks (don't know why I bought a dark brown, never worn it after that) and when I putted over my dark red lipstick I knew it immediately: this will be my favourite autumn make-up look. I love that maroon lip and I hope I'll try it too!

Hope you have a nice weekend!


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