September 23, 2014



My all-time favourite cities in Belgium are Ghent and Antwerp. The chemistry between me and those cities is phenomenal! I don’t know… it is just a feeling that I get when I am In those cities. A feeling that I don’t experience when I walk, for example, through the streets of Bruges. And agree or not, I think that Ghent and Antwerp are lookalikes in some way. Well, maybe not lookalikes but at least feel-alikes. For example: both cities are very proud of their own. Do not offend an Antwerpian or you’ll be in trouble. Maybe is that the reason why I like Ghent and Antwerp so much. I fit in (and I haven’t that often). Ghent and Antwerp are special, weird but most of all… free cities. 

So it wasn’t that odd that my best friend and I went to Antwerp when we needed a weekend away. I hadn’t seen Sara for weeks and because she had some personal stuff going on, I drag her to the Belgium’s fashion capital.

In the city of the Scheldt, you can do everything! You can shop, eat and get drunk without anyone noticing or judging (except Lord Visa maybe), you can get lost or take a taxi with an unfriendly taxi driver (been there, done that) or you can advance your knowledge and go to a museum like the MoMu or the diamond museum. For us, Antwerp wasn’t an educational experience but I had a lovely time and, in my humble opinion, a lovely outfit.

The first day we went shopping (du-hu), but if you know us, you know that we are more busy talking than looking around in stores. While gossiping, I found the most adorable little hat in the H&M accessorize. I wore it immediately! And when I say immediately, I mean immediately (I wore it in the store with the price tag still in it). You can find it on my ‘wear what I wear’-page.

Previously in my life, when I went to Antwerp, I spend so much time in the stores before Forever21 that is was already six o’clock when I got there (typical). So now, my goal was to go to Forever21 before closing time. There is only one store in Belgium and that’s in Antwerp so I had to go there when I had the chance.

A few years ago I had a sort of shop-flip. In one year I changed my way of shopping. Normally I look in shops and buy what I like, now I look in shops and buy what I don’t like. No, just kidding, now I have a target in my mind. For example: when we went to Forever21 in Antwerp I had to find a white top. I was disappointed when I didn’t find it but I found at least a sleeveless jacket with faux fur, something that I also wanted for quite some time. Mission failed but the shopping day wasn’t a total lost. I got something of my other targets!

Second day of our ‘weekend’ (it was in the middle of the week), we went to the Zoo. Sara and I (especially Sara) changed immediately in little children again. I didn’t asked but I think we took five hundred photo’s that day.

I wore my new T-shirt from Rome that day. It is a very special one because it is literally unique. I found it in a shop where everything is hand-made by one single woman. She doesn't even make different sizes. Just that one piece for not that much money.  Agree, it's cost more than something from, for example, Topshop, but I think it's nice to have something that no one else has. Then, you can combine it with a piece from a high street store. Sara, my best girlfriend, wear sometimes something she made herself with high street. In the Zoo she wore a jumpsuit of H&M.

I know Sara very well but that day I got to know her a little bit better. She thinks that elephants are very cute but when you ask her why she prefer to be a hippo, she answers that hunters kill elephants for their tusks and hippos are still very cute and fits her. You can see: people can surprise you even when you know them for years.

Hope you had a nice weekend!


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