May 05, 2014


These photos where a quickie (naughty!). But no, not on that way. The last weeks (make it months) were super super busy. That's why I shoot this pictures very quick right after school. I love this outfit because in this way I can wear my new pink lipstick and my very cool blue nailpolish together!

This was also an opportunity for wearing my new handbag. Technically it's my mom her handbag because she paid for it BUT I SAW IT FIRST! ... I just hadn't any money on that moment. 
Luckily for me I have a very cool mom and can I borrow it from her from time to time (read: I'll probably wear it more than her)

I hope you had a nice monday with or without hangovers!

XO Anke

P.S. I have instagram now! It isn't that big yet but when I have no time to show you my outfit of that day you can check it out on my page: @thestyleshuffle


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