March 14, 2014


A couple of months ago, Filiep gave me my first golden ring, including a diamond from Wouters & Hendrix. It is such a beautiful ring because it is so simple. I hate big rings with giant rocks on it. It makes the hand of a women less feminine and delicate. So, you already get the message, I was very happy about it.
Last week, when we were in Brussels, he bought me another ring. Less expensive but just as beautiful ( but the first ring is still our favourite)! Instead of a diamond, there is a little bow on it what makes the cuteness rise to two hundred per cent . Unfortunately, I can’t wear the one with the bow not so much as the other because he isn’t of gold and I don’t want to ruin it (I’m good in ruin things, so I have to be careful).
So… this blogpost is about my two favourite rings (and love, but it’s all about love). I know, you can’t see them really good when I’m wearing them, but I uploaded two really clear photos for you J

XO Anke

P.S. hang in there guys, it is almost weekend J

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