March 13, 2014


In the summertime, when the weather’s hot…You can stretch right up and touch the sky. When the weather’s fine… lalalala! Okay, it isn’t summer yet but the weather is already very fine, soooo… I wanted a nice summery outfit and some ice cream!
Outfit? Check! Ice cream? Hmmmm… I had to buy some. And not just some regular ice cream , I wanted Ben & Jerry  because I’m addicted to Ben & Jerry! They have the best ice cream in the world. But I had bad luck: my little ‘I-love-Ben & Jerry-world’ was falling apart because I couldn’t find some!
Everyone say to me that Häagen-Dazs also have good ice cream, so I tought: ‘let’s give it a try’. Urgh! Bad idea… The taste of the banana-brownie-caramel was really not my thing! Maybe the other flavours are more my taste, but this banana mush was really not my thing. Sorry, I stay with my good old Ben & Jerry! (Don’t look at the amount of calories, though)

XO Anke

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