March 16, 2014


I started this blog two years ago. And to be honest, until now, it don’t turn out well. Sometimes I restart, than I stop again. But there is a reason why I do that. One word: proud. I’m not proud on my blog yet because I’m perfectionist and most of all, scared. You lovely bloggers have so pretty and funny blogs. And you are all so original. I’m not on that level, I’m not even close! How do you do that? Do you all have an inspiration machine? Or do you all have managers who say what is a huge hit right now?

Because that is also a problem. I’m a student journalism in Ghent right now and we learn in school we always have to tell the truth. We can’t gave false or half information to our readers. When you do that, it’s a disgrace! So that also a reason why I’m scared. What if I give you false information  about … I don’t know… ‘what is the new black’?

But a few days ago I thought:

‘Get over yourself! You can’t trip me into the thought that there is no one in the world who does like your blog. Well, you can write for that one person. And don’t you dare to let her/him down. He/she expect every day a new post. A post that you treated with care and love. You have to write to that one person because maybe you can inspire her/him and that’s why you make this blog.’

‘Okay, you’re right’

‘Of course I’m right! I’m always right’

(Yes, that was the real conversation in my head. I know, it’s sad) Soooo… I got over myself!

I’ll do my best for making a fun/intrusting and inspiring blog and I really hope you’ll like it because that means a lot to me. And when I say ‘a lot’ I mean: ‘a lot a lot’. If you have request or ideas or you want me to do something, let me know! I’ll do my best to make it happen J (Unless you want me to jump of a bridge or something like that. I’ll not do that ever and you’re being rude)

Enjoy your Sunday night

Talk/write to you later!

XO Anke

P.S. And my English isn't that good (also a thing to work on). I hope it doesn't bother you and if it's bothering you: give me time, I'll learn it eventually.

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