March 10, 2014



This weekend I was in Brussels because there was a concert of Drake. I’m not a fan of Drake but my best friend is (in that case: it is your duty  as friend to go with her/him). My outfit was in theme of the occasion.  Drake has a brand and the logo of that brand is a little owl. Sooo... the only option for me was wearing my owl necklace.
It was a fun first day. We ate at a little tapas restaurant. A very nice concept because everyone sits at the same table and food rolls right between the customers. You probably know it from sushi places but apparently they do that also in tapas restaurants. We want also went to a very nice coffee place in the Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert. They had the most cute cookies in the world! I instantly thought of Gingerbread Man of Shrek when I saw them. They are soooo cute!
And I discovered a few stores! I can’t wait to shop there J Brandy & Melville: very trendy clothes and they will not lead to a financial crisis in your wallet! Most pieces are between € 15 and € 40. There is also a store in Chaussee de Charleroi but I can’t find the name. Luckily I know where it is so I can come back to Brussels J

XO Anke

P.S. I bought new shoes (hey, what did you expect) I’ll show them later!

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