March 04, 2014


Day two in Antwerp! We started the day with a nice English breakfast in The Duke of Antwerp (very nice restaurant but the waiter was not that happy, maybe his wife had a headache yesterday eveningJ) because I love rich food in the morning and of course, it is a healthy start of the day (in my opinion)! For me it is better to eat a large breakfast than a large dinner because in the evening I don’t do anything so I don’t burn the calories from the meal anymore. If I eat a lot in the morning I have the time to use the energy that I get from my breakfast.
But now enough about food, before I get hungry again! The outfit of today isn’t that special but I love the sweater I recently bought.  It’s simple but the drawing/print/whatever you may name it, gives that little bit extra. J
Story about the boots: I saw them months ago in a store and because I had no money (again, I’m a poor woman! J) I called my mother and I begged her  to sponsor me. Unfortunately my mom thought they were too expensive so I couldn’t buy them. But a few weeks ago I saw them in a different store and because they were on sale my mom bought them eventually. She still don’t know that that were the shoes that I wanted. J

XO Anke

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