March 03, 2014


This weekend I went to Antwerp 'caus it was
my boyfriend his birthday. We hoped to see/visit al lot of things but in the end we did …. nothing! Well, not nothing. Almost nothing. But we didn’t mind, ‘cause we did the one thing we are very good in… eating (If you thought something else: you naughty person!) We spend a lot of money on food this weekend but  it was worth every penny J We went to an Argentinian steakhouse (Bife Churrasco) and an Italian restaurant that I had discovered with my best girlfriend last year. The steakhouse was very simple but it’s very cosy and the waiters are nice and friendly. A classmate of my went for a year to Argentina and she told a little bit about the habits of Argentinians and in that restaurant you can really see those habits.

I promised myself that I wouldn’t go shopping (actually: I promised my boyfriend, but that’s almost the same) ..... I snapped. Eventually I bought a jacket (a parka, something I was looking for for quite some time) and two black shorts. I’ll show them later in one of my outfits. I saw a lot more that I wanted but my credit card and Filiep yelled NOOOoooo….. 

XO Anke

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