November 05, 2012


I thought... I told the guys that I study Fashion... Maybe it's time to show them some sketches from my sketchbook :)
My sketchbook is for me a very important item. These pictures are from my sketchbook last year. I worked many hours on it and now I can show it to the whole world :) I'm so proud of me (anke gives herself a pat).
The clothing comes from my brain but the drawing is from another genius ( egoooooo) I had to copy it, as precisely as possible.
And while I was photographing, I tought: let's show them also my new jacket from Zara :)


Jonas Bauwens said...

Nice drawings!
Wished I could draw again like I used to.
Unlearned it due to College.

Naomi Martens said...

Woow! Jij kan mooi tekenen!!
En ik doe kleuteronderwijs en ik kan niet tekenen!!
Leuke foto's ook!