October 26, 2012


Sup guys?
I know! It's like a billion years ago, but I have to admit. It's all very new for me, having a blog.
But no worries! I have cool stuff coming up :)
First of all, I recently made a babydress and I will show it to you soon with a new outfit :)
'cause starting tomorrow I have vacation... yes indeed, you can already guess: thus more time!

Last week I went with my boyfriend and a friend of his to Belgium's got talent. Still I like Britain's got talent better but hey, I got a picture with Ray! :) (cool, that rhymes!)
I was afraid that the dog would win as in Britain's got talent, but God has heard my prayer so the dog-act may not come back to the finals. Don't get me wrong, I like dog's but I like more talents of people :)

When do you have vacation?

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