September 03, 2012

Hi everyone!
How are you? With me, everything is going fantastic because blogger country has a new inhabitant (Can I get a drum roll please): … me!! I’m so excited because I wanted to do this for a long time. And now I finally took the step and I made one. It was a big step ‘cause I wanted to have my blog starting on 1 July. Well, I got a procrastination.
What kind of blog will it be? Simple. Like a lot of other blogs it will to be a fashionblog (muhaha, how original!) And yes I know, I hear you sigh: “not another one?” But this will be a special one! …
 - unconvincing? Okay, I understand. I’ll put it this way: I’ll do my best to make this a beautiful, inspiring blog. Better? –
I chose  for a page about style because I love fashion (du-hu!). I not only like to shop but I’m also a student from Fashion& Creation. So every day I’m faced with fashion (not that I mind). But this weblog will be much more than ‘just’ a fashionpage because fashion is not just fashion! It’s a blog for people who love to find beauty in everything, for people who believe that life is a road trip and that ice-cream makes things better and who are inspired by life and all that goes with it. Here,you will find art, in many ways.

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Naomi Martens said...

You have a very nice blog Anke ;)